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Welcome to the SMA OLD WEBSITE Jobs Noticeboard. This website will be going offline in the near future
This website has now been replaced by the New Website: where you will find the most up to date information and jobs
On the new site you will find, as well as current job listings (members can add listings directly on the site too), all the information that you expect, plus a brand NEW BLUEFORM ( which is easier and quicker to use), Freelist, SMAgenda, Cueline, and a personalised membership page where you can see details of your membership and renewal date.

To login on the new site for the first time, go to the Login page and use the same email address you normally use for SMA as your Username. The follow 'Lost your password' and follow links to set up your own unique login for the new site.

For now you can still respond to entries on this site

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