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  PMF relaunches
SMA members who are members of the Production Managers' Forum - or would like to be - will be interested to see the relaunched PMF web page which has been designed and is powered by our colleagues at White Light. With new logo and information of interest to PM's , it will soon become a 'go to' page for PMF members and production managers who will also be alerted to new information and upcoming meetings in a series of bi-monthly emails as well.  PMF is supported by the SMA and ABTT. The SMA runs a website posting 'Greenlist' service for PMF members to advertise availability See the current availability here

The Production Managers' Forum (PMF) was created as a joint venture between the ABTT (Association of British Theatre Technicians) and the SMA in 2000 in recognition of the fact that there was no organisation dedicated to the needs of the production manager specifically. There aren't vast numbers of production managers out there, and most of them are either members of the ABTT or the SMA, hence the collaboration.

Since then, the PMF has held 3 or 4 meetings each year, in London so far. The meetings are generally structured with an invited guest speaker for part of the time; a time for discussion of issues relevant to production managers; and a session in the bar for what is generally known as 'informal talks'.

Production management is a lonely job, you're probably the only one within 60 miles, unless you work in London, so the PMF offers an opportunity to meet up with peers and form networks. There are currently (2007) about 99 members who work freelance, or in buildings, or in drama schools. All meetings and talks are written up fully to allow members to benefit from the knowledge shared in meetings.

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