Washable Stage Blood, CDS and Greetings cards

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Washable Stage Blood 1000ml

1000ml of either style:    £34.00  (+£4.50 p&p)

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Washable Stage Blood 500ml

500ml of either style: £23.00  (+£4.50 p&p)

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Washable Stage Blood 100ml

S'Blood, S'Blood - glorious S'Blood: Washable stage blood. Nothing quite like it for making a really good gory impression.

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Don't own any Paper Props CDs? Buy all four here!

Buy all four Paper Props CDs here for the discounted rate of: £30.00 plus £3.50 postage and packing.

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SMA Paper Props CD No3: Packaging

Buy Paper Props No3: Packaging for just £7.50

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SMA Paper Props CD No2: Paperwork

Includes: banking documents and cheques; birth, marriage and death certificates; offical and religious paperwork; stamp and ration books; telegrams and postal cards! All out of copyright and in high resolution.
Buy one now for £7.50 plus 99p postage and packing.
Already own CDno1? Scroll down for discount information on buying more than one

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SMA Paper Props CD No1: Portraits

Portraits: Edwardian - 1960's
An invaluable research tool with over 150 images for you to reproduce as pictures for props.
Wouldn't it be lovely to be asked for a photo of an Edwardian wife or a family group from the thirties or a first world war soldier & to just stick a CD in your computer, find it & print it off in the size required?
Oh yes it would! Buy just this one for £7.50 plus 99p postage and packing.
Want to buy more than one CD in the series? Scroll down for all the discounts!

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Paper props CD: World War 1

The BRAND NEW addition to the Paper Props family is the World War 1 disc now in stock.  This contains over 100 items of World War 1 paperwork, photographs and artifacts for use on stage and reference.
Get your hands on one of these, the great new addition to the Paper Props family.

£9.99 plus 99p P&P in the UK

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Greetings Cards £3 pack of 6

The Stage Management Association and the Society of British Theatre Designers have joined forces to create beautiful A5 greetings cards featuring designs by three SBTD members. Suitable for any occasion, they are blank inside for your own message.
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