Orchestral Stage Management with LSO

28 February, 2024
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Orchestral Stage Management with LSO

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This course was very successful and has now ended

February 10 th 2024 at LSO St Lukes 161 Old Street London EC1V 9NG 

SMA Orchestral Stage Management – run in partnership with the renowned London Symphony Orchestra at their London rehearsal base and concert hall.

Our course is led by Alan Goode, LSO’s inspiring Senior SM, and takes place at St Luke’s in London

The Course Offers unique training in setting up, touring and stage managing a major orchestra, plus have been privileged to set up rehearsals for the full London Symphony Orchestra, and invited to be in the room with the late Andre Previn and John Williams conducting rehearsals for major concerts.

This course covers all the considerations crucial when working with musicians, including orchestral layouts, requirements of particular instrumentalists and the logistics of touring an orchestra.

You will learn orchestral terms, about the typical number and type of instruments in various types of orchestra (e.g. chamber, symphony, concert),  how to look after, travel and set instruments, how to read and set up the orchestra from a staging, which musicians are likely to double instruments, how to set the orchestra safely using levels and positioning as well as physical barriers to keep sound levels safe and achieve a good balance. 

After the course you will have the knowledge and vocabulary to successfully apply for orchestral stage management jobs (a number of past attendees have successfully done that), and be able to read a staging and set up the stage for a concert from that information.

The course takes place at the St Luke’s UBS & LSO Music Education Centre, 161 Old Street London EC1V 9NG

All welcome to join this brilliant one day course:

Course 1 day  

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