Producers: Do you (like so many theatre and live events employers) Love Freelist and find it an Invaluable Resource in getting the very Best Teams for your Great Shows?

04 October, 2022

We know that producers really appreciate this invaluable resource, and have been doing so for the 52 years that SMA have distributed the list.

"Hello! We got an excellent SM from you in July for the first part of our Theatre Tour. We need the same for our October shows so please can you send me the Freelist and post an ad for us?"

Like the Stage Management Association, who coordinate and publish Freelist, the publication has been fully funded from memberships (with some generous sponsorship and support from industry colleagues) – including our Producing Theatre Members.  We have never received funding from management associations, unions, or from Arts Council or other bodies for this service.   

We provide it free of charge to all SMA members and all industry colleagues.   Many employers and producers in our industry have told us how much they appreciate this time-saving and very effective support for their recruitment- and how it has helped to make your shows the best they can be.

“Please can I be added to the Freelist subscribers list for employers?  The information that you sent to me is all brilliant, and I’ll be back in touch when we have a job to advertise.”

However, times have changed recently.   As we know, many of our individual members (most are freelance) have struggled to continue their careers and maintain a decent income during the pandemic, and are now facing increasingly difficult economic and industry conditions.  As a consequence, at SMA we are also facing a tough financial and economic climate as well.  We believe that it is time to turn to our industry colleagues and ask for a little support.

“What an excellent and invaluable resource the Freelist is, thank you!”

Through their Association, all SMA stage management, along with producing theatre members, have financed the Freelist for all of the past 52 years.  It has been our policy throughout that time to never charge for the Freelist, and that is not going to change.

In 2022, and for the foreseeable future, we still want to provide monthly Freelists full of top quality show crew free on demand, or via the mailing lists to all who need it. To do this, however, we need to keep our systems running, our staff (part time) employed, and the lights on.

We would like to ask for your help in the following ways (this is entirely voluntary, for as long as SMA exists Freelist will continue to be distributed free to al who need it

Thank you!

“Thank you once again for your fantastic service, and I have found the Freelist to be an incredibly useful and effective resource in crewing our shows”

We would like to ask for your help in the following ways (this is entirely voluntary, as long as we exist Freelist will continue to be free to receive).

SMA Producing Theatre Membership.    From as little as £100 p.a. for small theatre companies, charities and less well funded organisations SMA Producing Theatre membership provides a free ‘first look’ at each and every monthly list sent to your mail box, in addition you can post your own paid SM jobs on our popular and effective online jobs board, and you will be able to allow use of SMA website information and resources to your production stage management when they work with you.

Make a Donation.

Companies who are able can make a contribution of £30.00 to the SMA to support Freelist and to say thanks for the help and support it is and has been for so many years to your teams crewing the great shows we all love to work on.   You can do this just once, regularly each quarter, or just when you can afford it, or whenever you have found Freelist -or your fantastic stage management teams-particularly helpful.

 Of course, if you wish, you can also make a donation of any amount at any time towards our work: supporting and advocating for brilliant stage management , maintaining links with SM colleagues around the world.

Please may we have information about Producing Theatre Membership

Please Invoice me for one voluntary contribution Please specify: one payment £30 £30 quarterly A different amount