Prompt Desk Survey and campaign- the work continues

24 September, 2019

The work on Prompt Desks which was done pre-Covid-19 is proving vitally important again now, as members are returning to work and experiencing again the aches and pains in shoulder, wrist and arms and neck, associated with poor seating and positioning of controls and prompt desks themselves.

It was not appropriate or relevant to continue our campaign during the past 16 months, but we will be retuning to the subject with new vigour as we all work to return and reset better for a new era.

513 working DSMs, Showcallers and prompt desk users took part in our survey in 2019, which was a fantastic response!  Armed with the information that you have given us we really made a splash, and across the industry people listened and began to take notice.

In 2021-22 the work continues….

Prompt desk survey results in full (PDF)

Read a report of the survey and results in The Stage