SMA raises concerns about multi-tasking and multiskilling in backstage work

15 December, 2021

Multi-tasking is a subject we write about elsewhere in SMAgenda, but there has also been a lot of discussion about the configuration of SM teams recently – the difficult position of ‘CSM on the book’ is often criticised as having an almost impossible job description (after all the CSM role should be described as Company and Stage Manager, so adding DSM to the role just seems to make it a recipe for failure or nervous breakdowns); the lack of the SM role in many teams already causes worry about the capacity to cope if things go awry. And what about the one person CSM on the book running a show from a control room or audience position – how does that equate with safe and proper running of the stage and wings? No wonder the number of show stops is on the increase… Many of you will have thoughts and experiences to relate about all this and we’d like to hear them; this is an area that SMA might consider making a campaign issue next year so we’d like to hear what you think.