SMA supports Job Shares and family and carer friendly scheduling in theatre and live events

04 August, 2022

SMA and SMA board are fully committed to introducing job shares for our members whenever possible and we actively support PIPA and their family friendly arts policies

Recently the SMA Board discussed job sharing, and we will be looking at making this a new option on the Blueform for Freelist from September

At present you can make this election simply by adding ‘Available for job shares and Dep work’ in the preferences section

Members may have read in SMAgenda that we are working hard to rectify issues with our membership processes and website after a plug-in upgrade left us with a whole lot of unintended consequences.

For these reasons, and because we have a new website support partner who is busy helping to untangle our site issues, we will most likely not be able to make changes to the existing form before September, (it is surprisingly quite a bit more complex to add and remove new sections to the Freelist software, as the software used to make up the list is relatively complex to ensure accuracy)