SMA Zoom Brunches

26 March, 2020

Our Zoom Brunches 2021: The 2020 series were very popular and successful with 500+ people registered to attend in total from at least 9 countries around the world, and with many associations and producing companies participating, as well as invited experts and, of course, members.
The information and support they have provided has been valued by members and guests alike.
Huge thanks to all involved, and to guests, hosts and guest hosts, moderators and everyone else involved in making 2020 our most successful yet in terms of member engagement and outreach to the SM communities in the home nations and overseas, building on our effective social media, to establish a really powerful and supportive  Zoom presence for SMA at a time when it was most needed.

Now by request we are planning a new programme of Brunches and lunchtime Zoom seminars. Please contact us and let us know subjects that you would like covered.


SMA is a Member of The Alliance of Associations and Professionals in Theatre and Live Events, which believes in the importance of Theatre and Live Events and will endeavour to promote our industry in all sectors of society for its betterment and the improvement of the industry as a whole

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