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What we do

At SMA we advocate for and support stage management in all aspects of live events and theatre work: creative, practical, contractual and interpersonal. We work to maintain high standards in our work, decent terms and conditions for all stage management, and for making a positive contribution to world class live shows and events made or shown in the UK: supporting excellence in performance. We stand up for mutual respect, open communications and fair dealing in all aspects of backstage work. We provide resources and information to assist everyone who wishes to start a stage management career.

Our membership process is open and fair, and we support members in finding work and during their working contracts. We are a PIPA partner and Stage Sight member, and stand for opportunity and diversity in the workplace.

Our named person for individuals to use if they wish to contact SMA directly about any Stage Sight related work, initiatives, case studies, job opportunities and/or other related enquiries is Andy Rowley (Executive Director) .

Members and non-members can (and do) also contact ‘SMA Team’ via . We respond openly and in a timely way to any such enquiries we receive.

Read SMA 5 Points of Principle here

Freelist and jobs

The SMA’s Freelist is a list of professional stage management who are currently available for work. Logged-in SMA members can download the Freelist here, while non-members can request a free copy from the SMA Office.

Employers can also advertise jobs directly to our members, for free. Logged-in SMA members can view the Jobs Board here.


SMA training is open to all. SMA members receive a discount. More information.

Resources & support

Logged-in members can access a wide range of resources and links on this website, including theatre digs, rehearsal room listings, arts organisations, work agreements, paperwork templates, etc. The SMA office staff are always available for any members’ queries.

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